React - C# communication (Interop)

Interoperability (Interop for short) is the exchange of information between two systems. In the case of ReactUnity, the two systems are React (Javascript), and the Unity (C#). Interop refers to the exchange of data, function calls and events between these two systems.

Ways to achieve interop

There are several ways to achieve interop in ReactUnity.

Globals object

This method uses the Globals object to have two-way communication between React and C#. Also, useGlobals is a hook that is available in React side and it rerenders the component when Globals object changes.

API reference for useGlobals can be found here.

Interop namespace

Interop is a namespace in React side that can be used to call C# and Unity static functions from React side. It allows doing C# operations without going out of Javascript.

Interop namespace exports some C# namespaces that you can use. These are: System, Unity and UnityEngine.

export default function App() {
  const ref = React.useRef();
  const randomize = () => {
    const r = Math.random();
    const g = Math.random();
    const b = Math.random();
    const color = new Interop.UnityEngine.Color(r, g, b);
    ref.current.Style.backgroundColor = color;

  return <>
    <button onClick={randomize} ref={ref}>
      Randomize color