About the documentation

This is a work in progress!

ReactUnity is a work in progress. It is developed by a single developer in their free time. Expect to see bugs, performance issues and missing features.

The effort to document usage instructions of ReactUnity is also ongoing. As ReactUnity is a complex project, some nuanced concepts may not be entirely covered here.

How much of the documentation is ready?

Most of the API reference is there, although partially. Typescript will also help you write your code. However, other topics such as installation, interoperability, and other techniques are not documented yet. In the future, expect to see detailed documentation and video tutorials on such topics. In the meantime, you can rely on GitHub issues and Discord to answer your questions.

How can I provide feedback?

Please use this GitHub discussion or Discord for feedback. If you spot something that doesn’t make sense, please tell us!


This website was built by forking the source code of the React documentation website at react.dev. We are thankful to all of the people who helped create React and the documentation website as mentioned in the original website. We are also thankful to all sponsors who have donated to ReactUnity.


Developers of ReactUnity are not affiliated with the React development team, Facebook, Unity Technologies or any other company.


ReactUnity is distributed under MIT license. This website and its contents are under CC-BY-4.0 license.