Quick Start

Welcome to the ReactUnity documentation! Here is an overview of what you can find on this site.


This is a tiny ReactUnity app. To get your first taste of ReactUnity, edit the code below and make it display your name:

function Greeting({ name }) {
  return <text>Hello, {name}!</text>;

export default function App() {
  return (
      <Greeting name="Divyesh" />
      <Greeting name="Sarah" />
      <Greeting name="Taylor" />

Rendering XML code

Instead of using React, ReactUnity lets you write HTMl-like code for static UIs. This UI can later be modified from code.

<view class="items">
  <text>Hello, Divyesh!</text>
  <text>Hello, Sarah!</text>
  <text>Hello, Taylor!</text>

XML code can also be embedded inside React code. See html component reference for details.