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What is ReactUnity?

ReactUnity is a UI Framework for Unity, that lets you code in React and CSS. It runs this code inside a JavaScript engine and outputs Unity components to directly render them inside Unity. The goal of ReactUnity is to provide Unity developers a declarative way to build user interfaces, similar to web technologies like React and HTML.

Here is a sample Todo App to show off some React and CSS features of ReactUnity.

import { render } from '@reactunity/renderer';
import { useRef, useState } from 'react';

export function TodoItem(props) {
  return <view className='todo-item'>
    <view className='todo-item-name'>

    <button className='todo-remove-button'
      onClick={() => props.onRemove(props.item.id)}>

export function TodoPage() {
  const lastId = useRef(3);
  const [items, setItems] = useState([
    { id: 0, text: 'Take a walk' },
    { id: 1, text: 'Buy groceries' },
    { id: 2, text: 'Prepare dinner' },

  const inputRef = useRef();

  function addTodo(item) {
    inputRef.current.Value = '';
    setItems(oldItems => {
      const newItems = [...oldItems];
      newItems.push({ id: lastId.current++, text: item });
      return newItems;

  function removeTodo(id) {
    setItems(oldItems => oldItems.filter(x => x.id !== id));

  return <scroll className='todo-root'>
    <view className="todo-header">
      TODO app example

    <view className='todo-input-section'>
      <input className='todo-input' ref={inputRef}
        placeholder='Enter a new todo'
        onSubmit={(ev, sender) => addTodo(sender.Value)} />

      <button className='todo-add-button'
        onClick={() => addTodo(inputRef.current.Value)}>

    <view className="todo-items">
      {items.map((item) =>
        <TodoItem item={item} key={item.id}
          onRemove={removeTodo} />)}

render(<TodoPage />);

How does ReactUnity work?

React library is built in a way so that the React paradigm can be used in different platforms. In fact, all platforms which can run Javascript can have a framework like ReactUnity. There are actually more Awesome React Renderers you probably haven’t heard of.

The same way you use react-dom for web applications, and React Native for mobile applications; you can use ReactUnity for Unity UIs.

How can I learn ReactUnity?

To learn ReactUnity, you need to learn React first. You can start by the official React documentation. If you already feel confident with React, you can keep reading this documentation.